Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CODW Shall Return Soon...

Is you ready?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Carin Barth set to pick New Leadership at TSU

Call Of Da Wild just received a phone call from a former Board member who spoke on conditions of anonymity. The Governor's office apparently tipped off Regent Harry Johnson and told him to leave before the shit hit the fan! What CODW heard was unthinkable and sickening!!!! Carin Barth who is currently making $250,000 and her other buddie from Texas A&M is making $180,000 and we wonder why we are in a shortfall. Carin Barth has come up with a list of potential Board Members who don't even look like any of us on this campus!!! The rumor has it that the Blueribbon Commission is going to ask that ALL of the Regents resign so that Carin Barth can replace them with ALL of her people.

Carin Barth has been plotting to bring back to the University Alphonso Jackson. This is the same Alphonso Jackson who did nothing but create havoc at our University. Can any of you remember the times when Alphonso would come to University functions drunk as a New York skunk? Can anybody remember the Recreation Center that his friend built with the Fake Bond? He is just as guilty as anyone else in this whole melee! Rumor has it that he is also under investigation for his part in the Recreation Center and who knows what would happen if he came back? Carin Barth used to work for Alphonso Jackson at HUD so CODW now knows what is goings on.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

David Diaz is looking to jump off the Train Too!!!!

Call Of Da Wild just received word from a source downstairs that David Diaz is thinking about stepping down from the Board as well. Once the Train derailed, Diaz felt that he just couldn't take it anymore. The Regents are leaving before the Governor kicks them out. Remember payroll won't make this month so that is why I stayed at home. Why should we work when we are not going to get paid?

Look for more Regents to jump off the already derailed train.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Breaking News Harry Johnson Resigns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call Of Da Wild just saw the 9pm news and Regent Harry Johnson has resigned from the Board. Remember you heard it first on Call Of Da Wild and also look for the Board to be dissolved pretty soon.



(Not Meeting Payroll) ¡Usted Negros de asno negros ha jodido la escuela tan nosotros no ser pagado!, Woods starts to talk vows to tell more

Call Of Da Wild is saddened to report that this may have been our last paycheck for the year. Rumor has it that the General had no clue or Leadership in doing what he was sent to do. The state in return will not be bailing the University out of this shortfall. The title speaks for itself, so if you don't know spanish get someone who does to translate for you. This is so sickening that CODW is at a loss for words! The only other option the state has now is: A) Shut the School down and B) Shut the School Down. CODW is encouraging its fellow employees to again start turning in these crooked ass niggas. If they not gonna pay us, they ain't gonna get paid.

Call Of Da Wild also received word that the new School of Public Affairs will not be opened on schedule. The reason? According to former Dean Don Anthony Woods, Dr. Wilson and a few other people spent the OCR money on things other than the building. CODW had a chance to speak with the former Dean and he assured us that Wilson knew what was going on and that alot of those things happened before he was Dean. He also had some pretty hard feelings toward the current Dean whom he feels beat him out of the job. Woods shared this with CODW and CODW really feels bad for the former Dean. CODW assured him that CODW is a place for him to TELL ALL as soon as he is ready. He said that he would think about taking up that offer.

CODW also hears that Gayla had something to do with the OCR money. Woods informed CODW that it was supposed to be a joint deal with her coming to teach in Public Affairs and them protecting his job. Instead the total opposite happened. He has currently started to dialog with the General and has not informed CODW on what his dialog has been about but has assured CODW that it will only get worse in Public Affairs.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

TSU Set to Go Under Receivership Soon, Boddie wants to stay

Call Of Da Wild received from reliable sources that the University is set to go under Receivership. It is rumored that Regent King had alot to do with this move. He has been spending alot of time in Austin with Gov. Perry's people when not campaigning for Mayor of Houston. Rumor also has it that Regent Harry E. Johnson will be stepping down from the Board of Regents pretty soon.

Call Of Da Wild was very excited to have lunch with General Boddie last week and he indicated to CODW that he was thinking about taking the permanent job as President. Is it CODW or does it look like J. Timothy is running a brothel with Sweet Pu**y Charlene as the Head Ho or shall we say "Madame"? Lets hope his Ignorant Ass thinks twice about taking the job. CODW is hearing rumors coming from the second floor that J. Timothy has been getting a "taste" of that thang from Charlene. CODW is not sure if it is true, but from her reputation CODW wouldn't be suprised if that "Monkey" ain't on his back......among other places. CODW was able to catch up with the new Dynamic Duo and it looked like the relationship went beyond the workplace. (See Picture) Looks like General Boddie took the advice his staff gave him a couple of weeks ago literally. Their advice to him was to "Eat Out More Often". This also comes as there is rumor that the General will replace Bobby as provost and install "Sweet Pu**y Charlene" as the Provost.

This is very strange that this would happen before the search committee made a decision on who the President will be. CODW knew these fucked up ass niggas including the Board of Regents would let the school be put under a system by the only white Regent and a couple of Unlce Tom Ass Niggas on the Blue Ribbon panel. CODW guesses that when you buy one you've bought them all. CODW also wonders why the "Chairman" of the Board has been mum? She sent out a Bullshit Letter that really didn't say anything in it other than that, she really isn't doing anything. CODW never expected the woman who sold Dr. Priscilla Slade out to do much of anything.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Crime Stoppers TSU Style

Call Of Da Wild received tips from several employees who have utilized the Tip Line. This is the best thing that could happen to the University. During the next couple of weeks after meeting with Boddie CODW is confident that there will be some changes.

CODW is encouraging everyone to call in and give that line a piece of your mind. CODW is also hearing that some of the familiar faces will no longer be at TSYOU. Also rumor has it that Dr. E. Dianne Mosely is campaigning to replace the "Most Effective" Faculty Senate chairperson in the history of this University, Dr. Sanders Anderson, Jr.

With all of these changes, CODW has been very busy making the transition. Mrs. Barth has us working pretty hard!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lynn Rodriguez is Back

Call Of Da Wild received word that Lynn Rodriguez is back on campus as the Internal Auditor. THis is the same Lynn Rodriguez that sold TSU out while working in the General Counsel office.

It is rumored that Charlene Evans played a major role in re-hiring her old friend. Looks like TSU is going from BAD to WORSE in a matter of days.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"When can I leave?"

Call Of Da Wild talked with people close to the General and boy is he ready to LEAVE! These TSU niggas have run his big Gorilla Ass crazy! CODW wonders what is stopping him because it damn sure ain't TSU! CODW guesses when the Governor sends his handpicked Gorilla to tame the chimps all you get is a banana peel instead of a banana. WAMP WAMP WAMMMMM! Look for him to be leaving pretty soon.

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Blue Ribbon President?????

Call Of Da Wild received a call last night from an Administrator asking CODW's thoughts on a Blueribbon panel member becoming President. That person was non other than Anthony Hall, Coon-At-Large from City Hall. The other Coon calling for him is also a member of the blueribbon panel: Justice of the Peace Zinetta Burney. (Pictured below is a picture of some of the Blueribbon Panel members)
Call Of Da Wild see's the whole situation going from bad to worse if these Handkerchief Head Niggas do anything, anywhere, at anytime. How many people remember ole Tony the Tiger (Anthony Hall)? Remember when he was a State Representative and we would see him with his woman or women at the motorcycle meet up?

If TSU wants to really clean itself up, it would get rid of niggas like Hall, Jefferson, and Burney: THREE NIGGA STOOGES!

It is rumored that some of the Uppity Niggers in 3rd Ward were very involved in the Parking Garage situation. CODW looked at the paper work and saw familar names, one being a member of the Blueribbon Panel and her fellow friend A. Scott Davis. CODW remembers when Scott-Davis was hired at the School of Business and for her to do Dr. Slade like this? She has turned her back on the woman who gave her the opportunity to make money at TSU. Shame on You Scott-Davis! Also on the Chittlin Circuit of gossip the General is once again in Austin lobbying for more money. Just remember to follow protocol when asking him questions.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Slick James Richard Perry, Governor of Texas

Call Of Da Wild is so upset with Governor Perry that it will probably act like a nigga sometimes soon! Call Of Da Wild can't help but see that this all goes full circle back to the Governor's office. CODW received from reliable sources that Governor Perry was involved with someone at TSU "on anotha" Level.

CODW has been at TSU long enough to know that TSU has always been treated like the black sheep of Texas. Governor Perry has now Disrespected the University by saying one thing and doing another (Like A Nigga). Governor Perry doesn't care about TSU because if he did he wouldn't appoint Bullshittin Niggas to the Board! So Blueribbon my ass!
CODW has already dealt with one committee members wife. She feels that her husband is not apart of the Problem. Ray Charles can see why Perry is able to do what he is doing. Especially when he sent in a General to TSU.

History is bound to repeat itself. Remember what happened at Prairie View A&M when Texas A&M sent in a NIGGA General. PV Ain't been the same. So we know why Perry sent in this General, Bill King, and Carin Barth. TO DESTROY TSU FROM THE INSIDE!

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Uncle Bill's Blue Ribbon Panel = BULLSHIT

Call Of Da Wild clearly understands why the Governor looks like an idiot! Call Of Da Wild received info on who the panel members would be on yesterday evening. The "Blue Ribbon Panel" is comprised of mostly bullshittin ass niggas and only a couple of decent white folks.
Here is the list as follows and boy was Call Of Da Wild saddened! CODW will identify each member by the person who recommended them if known with a brief description.
Call Of Da Wild understands that Perry bought Bledsoe's silence about the Confederate flag ordeal by appointing him to this "BullShit Ribbon Panel". No wonder the NAACP only has 3 members if a nigga like Jefferson were leading CODW it would leave too.

THE MEMBERSHIP OF THE COMMITTEE On the advisory committee with Glenn Lewis, Gary Bledsoe and Larry Faulkner are:

***Please Note the chair of this committee is a former State Rep who is known in some to be a Shucking and Jiving Nigger***

• Zinetta Burney, the presiding judge of the Harris County Justice of the Peace Court; (Regent Bill King) Bill Kings Nigger at the table. She is bought and paid for by Bill King. Niggers come cheap these days!

Anthony Hall Jr., chief administrative officer for the city of Houston; (Regent Bill King) Bill Kings Nigger who has been rumored to have been bought and paid for by the Regent.

Howard Jefferson, former president of the NAACP's Houston chapter; (Regent Bill King)Another one of Bill Kings Niggers. This one is so ignorant and backwards he deserves no explanation.

Raymund Paredes, the state's higher education commissioner; (Governor Perry) Parades is the same commissioner who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

• Richard Salwen; former Dell Computer executive;

Cynthia Spooner, student representative to TSU's governing board; (Governor Perry) This woman bless her heart is probably trying to do the right thing. Good luck honey!

• Richard Knight Jr., former Dallas city manager; and

• Albert Myres, president of the Houston Katrina/Rita Fund. -->

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

General Boddie goes off on Miya Shay!!!!

Call OF Da Wild saw this on the six o'clock news today! General Boddie must learn to control his temper and get the school back on track.

If he keeps the current Den of Thieves around him the school is definitely going into a System. Just listen to what Sen. Florence Shapiro said. Pictured is General Boddie's before and after. Before Miya Shay asked the question, and after he answered.


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Saturday, January 13, 2007

The "General" Plan for TSYOU

Call Of Da Wild is hearing rumors that TSU will now conduct background checks on employees from as far back as 10 years! This could be a great thing for the University with all of these thugs and criminals, you know who they are!

Call Of Da Wild after talking with the General's staff says it is true! It is also rumored that his Chief of Staff is going to run the day to day operations while the General is out of town. Look to see some people packing up and leaving TSYou real soon.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

What Hasan Taught TSU

Call Of Da Wild has been very disappointed in the recent behavior of certain administrators. While sitting in a meeting on today, the talk of campus was "HASAN"! One thing that we have all learned in his ordeal is:


Once CODW started, it made the best decision to wait until CODW got home to post. Remember, we work for the State of Texas and the students of Texas Southern University.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bin Laden may not be caught.....but they caught this Terrorist

Call Of Da Wild recieved an email today from TSUVideocast@yahoo.com. Apparently, Hasan "the Camel Jockey" Jamil has been caught doing what many of us homesteaders know is true. Hasan used to have a couple of flames around campus before his arranged marriage to the Bangladesh Belle.

It is ashame that Hasan would even be stupid enough to do something like this at TSU of ALL Places! CODW wonders what the General will think about this? Looks like heads are getting ready to roll! Part 1 of the Sex Scandal

Part 2 of Sex Scandal

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Provost? Give Us Your Pick

Call Of Da Wild is asking its readers to send us names of potential candidates for Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost.
CODW will then narrow the field down and have you, the readers vote on one choice!
That name will be sent to Carin Barth since she is running the show. The votes will also be sent to General Boddie's office for his review. Please let CODW know in the comments section.

Who's Next?

Call Of Da Wild just recieved news that 9 Administrators will soon be "No More" and some already are No MO. Call Of Da Wild spotted Dr. Bobby Wilson this past weekend at a New Years gathering and boy was he sucking up!
Call Of Da Wild is also hearing rumors that Gayla actually transfered funds into Public Affairs in order to buy Tenure, something CODW reported on when this blog was first established. Call Of Da Wild encourages anyone who would like recieve tenure to please make fill out the Gayla B. Thomas Tenure Track Fund Application, who knows you might get Tenure!
Big Kudos to Abner Terrell who is rumored to have thrown his keys at Gayla Thomas after being discharged. This upcoming semester proves to be one of uncertainty and excitement! CODW looks forward to seeing everyone after the 15th.
The List Of 9 (Not all are accurate)
Hassan Jamail - Academic Terrorist
Gayla Thomas - Alleged Tenure Thief
Terry Holderman - WHite Man
Dr. Bobby Wilson - Big Baby
Abner Terrell - TROJAN MAN
Dr. Henry North?
Dr. Richard Pitre?
Lee Brown?
Dr. Robert Ford?
***********Please note the ? denotes unreliable source*************

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Take Yo Crooked Ass Home

Rumor has it that Gayla Thomas will be reassigned from her administrative position to a teaching in the School of Public Affairs. The facts are, she should be reassigned to Camelot Place in theSugarland subdivision of Sugarwood.

Call Of Da wild is also hearing that Dr. Bobby Wilson had to as James Brown would have said, "Give It Up and Turn It A Loose". He is also being dismissed from his administrative duties. "I've been here for 30 years. There isn't any corruption. If it was, I would know about it." CODW guesses that if he doesn't know, the General knows about it. Look for more shake ups especially in other areas in Hannah Hall.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Call Of Da Wild received several emails from sources that have confirmed that next semesters race will be hot to say the least. One member on the Senate has already started the process of lining votes up for the Spring election, she may have what it takes. Many faculty members are upset with the current Faculty Senate Chair, Sanders Anderson for his lack of leadership while serving on the Senate.
CODW sources say that Anderson was so ineffective that he didn't even recieve a call to seek out his advice on this recent Board move. A candidate for the position frankly called him a Jackass. She said that if she thought of him as one, then just think about how they feel about the rest of the faculty. CODW hopes the faculty can elect someone who won't take orders from the administration or bribes as some may call them. Well now that the General is on campus, TSU won't have to worry about the faculty doing anything. They never do anyway.
CODW can only sit back and watch the whole thing come to play. CODW urges the faculty to seriously look at the person who represents them. Wait a minute, if the faculty doesn't care about how it looks then CODW shouldn't urge them to do anything. Out of the 20 plus years CODW has been on campus, we can't think of any point in recent time when the faculty stood for something.


Call Of Da Wild could not believe its eyes today when Dr. Bobby Wilson broke down and started crying like a baby in Deans Council. CODW just can't believe that he is actually hurt after being demoted or shall we say never promoted. It was very entertaining to see someone who is used to stepping on the heads of others be brought down to such a low point. CODW guesses that this is one person who fell down and can't get up or "get it up"? Damn! It is Hell being this nigga.
CODW today had a conversation with a very close colleague of Dr. Wilson's (Associate Provost), and he laughed so hard he passed gas! He said, " They always give everybody else problems and now he expects us to feel sorry for him. He didn't feel like that when my kids had problems over in Pharmacy."
This was a consensus among other veterans on campus especially the female faculty members on the Faculty Senate. CODW wonders what else will the future have in store for the so called Big Shots? CODW should look for Gayla to break her big Skunky Ass down and maybe take a bath, then cry. Call Of Da Wild will keep everyone in the Loop of what is goings on at TSU. The moral of this story is: If you can dish it, you better grease yo own ass hole cause you goin get screwed twice as hard.

Monday, November 27, 2006

TSU Hires Brigadier General To Kick ASS!

Today TSU hired a KICK ASS NIGGA to whoop y'alls ass! I never thought that the day would come that TSU would have to hire a General to run these corrupt niggas away! Let the games begin! TEN HUT!!!! HUT 2,3,4 HUT 2,3,4 HUT 2,3,4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Below is a biography of our NEw General. CODW can say goodbye to Gayla and Bobby, CODW guesses CODW readers can play a very important role in who stays and who goes (See Poll).
BRIGADIER GENERAL JAMES T. BODDIE JR. Retired July 1, 1983. Brigadier General James T. Boddie Jr. is deputy director for operations, J-3, National Military Command Center, Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington, D.C. General Boddie was born in Baltimore in 1931 and graduated from Frederick Douglass High School there in 1949. He received his bachelor's degree from Howard University, Washington, D.C., in 1954. The general is a graduate of the Academic Instructors School and Squadron Officer School, both located at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala. He is also a graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D.C.; the Air War College at Maxwell; and earned a master of public administration degree from Auburn (Ala.) University.
He received his commission through the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps program and was awarded the Convair Aviation Association Award for his outstanding accomplishments as a cadet. General Boddie entered primary pilot training in March 1955 at Bartow Air Force Base, Fla., where he flew PA-18s and T-6G's. From there he went to single engine basic pilot training at Laredo Air Force Base, Texas, flying T-28s and T-33s and earning his wings in March 1956.His first operational assignment was with the 560th Strategic Fighter Squadron at Bergstrom Air Force Base, Texas, which was equipped with F-84F Thunderstreaks.
In May 1957 he was assigned to Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., for gunnery and weapons delivery training in the F-100 Super Sabre. Upon completion in September 1957, the general was assigned to the U.S. Air Forces in Europe Weapons Center, Wheelus Air Base, Tripoli, Libya. For the next 45 months he performed instructor pilot, flight test and standardization duties, requiring he be simultaneously current and qualified in T-33s, F-86s, F-100s and B-57s. He returned to the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps program in February 1961 as commandant of cadets at Tuskegee Institute, Ala. He also taught military aspects of world political geography and international relations to senior cadets. In June 1965 General Boddie joined the 4453rd Combat Crew Training Wing, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., where he flew and instructed in F-4s. The following year he volunteered for combat duty in Southeast Asia and was assigned to the 559th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Cam Ranh Bay Air Base, Republic of Vietnam, in October 1966. In addition to his duties as operations and scheduling officer, he flew 201 F-4 combat missions including 57 missions over North Vietnam.
General Boddie returned to the 4453rd at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in August 1967 and commanded the F-4 replacement training unit weapons school of the 4457th Tactical Training Squadron until July 1971. During this tour of duty, he was also appointed provisional squadron commander of the 40th Tactical Fighter Squadron which was being formed to receive A-7D's. The general's next assignment took him to Headquarters Air Force Military Personnel Center at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, as chief of the Flying Status Branch in the Directorate of Personnel Program Actions until August 1974 when he entered the Air War College. Following his studies at the Air War College in July 1975, General Boddie was assigned to Headquarters Tactical Air Command, Langley Air Force Base, Va., as chief of the Maintenance Standardization and Evaluation Division of the Directorate of Maintenance Engineering. He led a 27-member team that evaluated the aircraft maintenance management effectiveness of all the command's units. In August 1976 he moved to Moody Air Force Base, Ga., as deputy commander for operations of the 347th Tactical Fighter Wing.
The next year he became vice commander of the wing. In June 1978 he became 51st Composite Wing (Tactical) vice commander at Osan Air Base, South Korea, and took command in June 1979. The general assumed his present duties in June 1980. General Boddie is a command pilot with more than 4,000 hours in jet fighter aircraft. His military decorations and awards include the Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Meritorious Service Medal with two oak leaf clusters, Air Medal with 13 oak leaf clusters, Air Force Commendation Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award ribbon with three oak leaf clusters and "V" device, Combat Readiness Medal, National Defense Service Medal with service star, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with three service stars, Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with palm and Vietnam Campaign Medal. He also wears the Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff badge. He was promoted to brigadier general Aug. 1, 1980, with date of rank July 25, 1980.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ten Hut!!!!!!! Backward MARCH!!! Hut 2, 3, 4 Hut 2, 3, 4!!!!

Call Of Da Wild has heard that the Board is scheduled to bring in a Military General to "Whip" those Niggers back in place. Call Of Da Wild received several emails regarding this and spoke with several top administrators during the holiday break who admitted that this was in fact true.
Call Of Da Wild can tell you that it will be very hard for anything to get done at TSU. An administration and Community source told CODW that this General had a reputation of not "playing well" with others, and that he had no clue about Higher Ed. For the Board to send someone who doesn't even know nor care about the school in to reshape it is like putting a blind person behind the wheel of a brand new Lexus. This is a disaster in the making.
Call Of Da Wild hopes that this blows up in their face such as them acting as they never got anything from Priscilla. Many on the board and on the yard have heard rumors of certain Regents running for Mayor, this proves that this is happening. Show the whites that you can put niggers in their places. Way to Go Regent K***!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Accepting A Scholarship Can Sink Your Ship

It is rumored that two boardmembers are currently under investigation for accepting scholarships from Dr. Priscilla Slade to put their kids through school.
Call Of Da Wild was very enthusiatic to see that Dr. Priscilla Slade is not the only one that is going down. We are not sure what the names of the board members are, but it would be wise for them to step down.
Call Of Da Wild wonders what will happen next, especially with everything coming out about different people in Finance being accused of stealing and with the top downtown about to blow, Call Of Da Wild can only sit back and watch.

Parking Lot Pimping

It is rumored that the new parking garages didn't cost as much as they were supposed to. Call Of Da Wild received from a reliable source the supposed costs of the parking garages and the actual costs of the garages.

Call Of Da Wild hears that the parking garages didn't cost $35 million as they were reported. Instead, they costed the state of Texas a total of $15 million dollars and someone or somebodies received $20 million dollars as a how of appreciation.

This sounds like the quickest way to go to jail. Call Of Da Wild wonders who will be serving time soon for this fiasco?

Deal or No Deal?

Call Of Da WIld was shocked to hear that former President Dr. Priscilla Slade has tried to plea bargain with the District Attorneys office. They offered her a deal that she couldn't refuse. So to our readers you be the judge: Deal or No Deal?

Pay TSU Restitution: $1.4 million
Jail Time: 22 years

What kind of deal is that? Call Of Da Wild wonders what will happen with the faculty hearing. Call Of Da Wild has heard from members of the committee that Ron Samples and many others are ardent supporters of the former President. If they knew what Call Of Da Wild knew, they would drop her like a bad habit.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Havoc In The Camp

It is rumored that many of our beloved administrators are upset with the Interim Chief Financial Officer Carin Barth (see picture).
It is also rumored that Gayla Thomas is leading the charge of logging the most complaints (of course off the record) against Ms. Barth. Call Of Da Wild has noticed that since Ms. Barth has taken over, there has been a change in the way we do alot of things at TSU. Call Of Da Wild can understand why Gayla would be upset, because she has never followed the rules anyway. It has been alleged that Gayla would double dip when it came time for reimbursement and lest we forget the rumor about her daughter on the payroll.
Call Of Da Wild wonders what will happen next? Guess we will have to what and see.

Welcome Back Call Of Da Wild!

Call OF Da Wild is glad to report that we are back from vacation. After a long hiatus and after being hired back, we are back to report the goings ons at TSU.

Call Of Da Wild was so enthuised to receive sooo many emails supporting this blog. Call Of Da Wild is OFFICIALLY BACK!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yessuh Master White Woman

Call Of Da Wild is hearing rumors that the new VP of Finance is going to be a white woman. Damn, CODW didn't think it would come to this! I guess with Stealing Ass Niggas you go t to crack the whip and what better to do it than a White Woman.
Now sit back and think about what the board is tellin us. We couldn't find one nigga to come and run the shit, so we had to get a white woman to watch over you stealing ass niggas. That is what happens when you have coon ass niggas running the school, Board included!

Friday, September 01, 2006

A Damn Shame

Call Of Da Wild is so damn tired of all of the hoopla surrounding that woman! While sitting at my desk, I thought about all of my co-workers who lost their jobs and wondered what the hell was going on? I guess the Board likes to make the school look like a dunce and they asses like Morons.
Call Of Da Wild guesses that they were laid off so that the University could pay Priscilla. If Call Of Da Wild was Priscilla, it would leave the school, because it looks like the grave is getting deeper. Call Of Da Wild was just as shocked as anyone else to learn that this Jig Head Woman was back.
Call Of Da Wild has also heard rumors that Gayla's Skunky Ass cursed someone out at the Board Meeting. Rumor has it that she let that "Ghetto Bitch" come out of her Skunky Ass. Call Of Da Wild is just curious to know who it was and why. Gayla, you need to take yo Ghetto Ass back to the hood wit yo Skunky Ass!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

How Strange

Call Of Da Wild has received a couple of comments regarding the last post about Dr. Fred Humphries. It is very strange that the person who made the comments about how great of a person and job Dr. Humphries was said they worked at TSU.

After Call Of Da Wild did its research and conducted an investigation, we found that the person was in fact posting all the way from Tallahassee, Florida under the guise of a TSU Employee. Good job and trying to pull a quick, but you have to wake up pretty early to pull one over on Call Of Da Wild.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Call Of Da Wild was shocked to hear that former President James "Jimmy D" Douglas and Skunky Ass Gayla have started the process of trying to pick the Interim President. It is rumored that Gayla and Jimmy have tapped former FAMU President Fred Humphries.
From Call Of Da Wilds' sources in and out of state, Freddy was caught into a similar scandal involving an Endowment Chair (Click Here).
Call Of Da Wild has also met Freddy on two different occasions and it remembers arrogant asshole vividly. The guy was so snobbish and he smelled like he'd been drinking that joy juice all night long.
It is rumored that Gayla has been bragging that she and Jimmy have already picked the Interim. I guess the Board members have assigned this duty to Jimmy and Gayla.
Call Of Da Wild wonders what is really goings on?

Please check out the article on Dr. Frederick Humphries tenure at FAMU.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

He's Got Papers

Call Of Da Wild heard that on yesterday someone came and served papers on Bobby. Call Of Da Wild wonders what the deal is?

Also, if you haven't seen us yet, Call Of Da Wild made the Houston Press. Check out the link and see what they had to say about us.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Skunky Ass Gayla

Call Of Da Wild had to dig deep into its archives to find these pictures. For the alum and those who wanted to see Gayla's Skunky Ass here it is. She looks like my nephews pitbull Spanky. If you look closely, you will see the hump in her back.

Learn To Read...............or else you will be like him

Call Of Da Wild wants to know why a Nigga Like Bobby Wilson has been around all these years? I remember coming to TSU in the late 80's and meeting his Country ass (Ain't he country?). Call Of Da Wild was shocked to learn that this MoFo don't know how to read or talk either. I remember getting memo after memo about Procurement Cards and look at this nigga here. Now some of his stuff could be justified, but it could also be scrutnized too (Procurement Card Rules). I get tired of them always jumping on me for Bullshit, but not doing anything to Country Muthfuckas like Wilson. Follow the rules Dummy! Please note the science stuff that he bought is not on the list of allowable purchases, especially consulting fee's.

TSU Procurement Card: Bobby Limpnoodle Wilson
Southern Importers - $520.85
Office Depot - $211.48
Kinko's - $65.31
Kinko's - $200.40
Fisher Science - $81.15
Entech Instruments - $283.25
Kroger - $86.94
Wal Mart - $74.71
Enviromental Consulting - $510.00
Drexler's World Famous BBQ - $137.98
Tri Gas - $272.43

Grand Total - $2,444.50

Blowing the Horn Part 2

Call Of Da Wild has to blow the horn again. It seems that big niggas like George Thomas don't understand that when they gave us Procurement Cards it was for school shit only!

If you have ever seen George and I have known him from over the years especially when Call Of Da Wild would frequent The Wunderbar, you would know his big ass is greedy.

So here again is another example of George's Big Lazy Monkey Ass eating among other things:

Target - $7.57
Office Depot - $62.96
Farley's Specialties - $750.00
The Family Cafe - $56.83

The Family Cafe - $47.39
Pappadeaux's Seafood Kitchen - $72.68
's - $47.43

Grand Total: $1,044.86

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Regular Posting

Call Of Da Wild has been bogged down with trying to clean up a damn mess that some stupid niggas like Bobby Wilson and Gayla's Skunky Ass made. Regular posting will resume on tomorrow so stay posted on new developments as we get them. Especially those of employees who can't get paid!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Walk the Talk..................post your solutions

Call Of Da Wild has received alot of comments and emails on what to do. So Call Of Da Wild is opening up this blog for TSU Alum, faculty, staff, and last but not least students. This is why we come to work everyday, for y'all (students). Post what your solution is to the problem.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Playing Politics at Commencement....................leave it up to Niggas

Call Of Da Wild just had to talk about the article in today's paper where State Representative Harold Dutton blasted regents. Call Of Da Wild was at Commencement when Harold Dutton started his "show". Call Of Da Wild was very upset that Dutton decided to use graduation day as a place to talk about the board among other things. Commencement is supposed to be a day of inspiration and appreciation rather than petty bullshit (George Thomas).
Harold you know whats been going on here has been wrong even when you were here as a student. You are a "Johnny Come Lately" holding your finger in the air trying get on the "right side" of the politics. Harold, why has it taken you this long to see that the Board is inept? Call Of Da Wild has seen a many regents come and go, but CODW can say that the Board did show some common sense when they didn't make Bobby Interim President, yo frat brother.
Harold, you are just like all politicians, especially Nigga ones! Worthless. If you love TSU so much, why are you just now saying something "publicly"? Call Of Da Wild understands why you would jump on the Board for KTSU (George Thomas). That is your boy. You probably got tickets from his big sausage nose ass. You should tell ya boy that he needs to keep somethings to himself. You need to tell him to stop spending school money on bullshit (see archives: Blowing the whistle.....but in this case the horn).
Call Of Da Wild hopes that Harold Dutton leaves this situation alone. If you ain't been involved in it before, don't come running now! You just like them ole niggas ass politicians, full of shit! Yo Nigga Ass tried to get the Law School seperated from the main campus when you filed that bogus ass "rider" bill. Thought Call Of Da Wild forgot about that huh? When is the last time you were in the area sans election years and times you are at the Sportsman Bar?
And to the Board y'all ass apart of the problem too, especially when good employees bring issues to y'all. Grow some nuts and some ovaries do the right thing or else y'all looking at gettin da boot. Y'all asses showed some leadership by performing that audit and not making Limpnoodle President.
Alumni, we can do better at saving our school. Tell these nigga ass politicians to stay out of it! They already did enough, nothing.
Love Ya, Class Of 1992

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Proof in the pudding

Call Of Da Wild would like to let all of its viewers know that anything posted on this blog can be proven. Meaning it is factual. Thank you for your many hits and support.
Love Ya

Friday, August 04, 2006

Today's Board Meeting

Call Of Da Wild saddened at the news we witnessed today. Dr. Bobby L. Wilson WAS NOT made Interim President at the Board Meeting this morning. I guess it is true, Lame Dicks can't fly....ooops I mean Lame Ducks. Call Of Da Wild really thought that this Country Ass Nigga would be appointed as the interim, but Damn I guess the Board sees the same Country Ass Nigga we see. Can someone tell us how he got this far?

Call Of Da Wild surely hopes that Dr. Bobby L. Wilson looks at this as a sign that Dumbasses Don't Go Far In Life. Call Of Da Wild is still hearing rumors that another list is forming. I guess if we want to keep our jobs, we need to kiss plenty of ass. I hope his ass is on somebody's list too. A source close to Dr. Wilson confirmed to Call Of Da Wild during the Board's closed session that Faculty positions are next if nothing changes. Looks like nothing is changing.

We're having a party dancing to the music..........................................

Call Of Da Wild has received word that Joyce Lattimore has also spent money on a Procurement card. Call Of Da Wild wants to know why the rules only apply to certain people? Why is it good for one, but not good for the other?
Call Of Da Wild would like to present you with what looks like a smoking gun. It is rumored from our purchasing source that this is not an allowable expense on the Procurement Card. It is alleged that she did the following.
TSU Procurement Card: Joyce Lattimore
  • Walmart - $5.92
  • Garden Ridge - $63.42
  • Hobby Lobby - $148.54
  • Hobby Lobby - $70.95
  • Walgreens - $107.72
  • Walgreens - $12.88
  • Walgreens - $6.14
  • AT&T Wireless Services - $136.62

Grand Total - $552.19

Looks like someone was planning a party. Call Of Da Wild would like give y'all the Procurement Card Rules.

Call Of Da Wild wonders why people are being laid off, but nothing is done about the Procurement Cards. Maybe if they did something about people like this, and treated those of us that followed rules like we were appreciated, we wouldn't have to lay people off. I wonder!

The Official Hatchet Man

Rumor has it that now Acting President Bobby "Limpdick" Wilson has been appointed the Official Hatchet man. It is also rumored that Acting Provost Richard Pitre is jockeying for position and Wilson stands in his way. If anyone knows Richard, you know that he is very ambitious and that Wilson is not one of his favorites. Look for this relationship to fizzle if it already hasn't.

Call Of Da Wild understands that faculty are targeted in the next wave of layoffs. If you do your homework, you will see that a university like this, needs the staff. So it makes sense that the faculty better watch out!

Happy Anniversary Call Of Da Wild

Call Of Da Wild would like to send out a heartfelt thanks to the viewers. This site has been up for a week now and we have almost had 10,000 hits. Call Of Da Wild looks to keep you informed on the goings ons at TSU. Call OF Da Wild received 40 emails from alumni, former staff, and staff members comending this site, and saying "Keep Up The Good Work!" or "Thank You So Much!". It is For Employees By Employees (FEBE). Let everyone you know about Call Of Da Wild. Y'all know when they read it, they will say, "This shit is truly wild!".

Love Ya

Due to Increased Traffic

Due to the increased traffic in the office and on campus, Call Of Da Wild has decided to post at night and during lunch. Call Of Da Wild can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there are employees that feel the same way I do. Call Of Da Wild has never seen the school in such shambles as it is in now. Out of all the years that I have been on campus, this is the worst its been. Then TSU is left with the two tarbabies Bobby & Gayla, two assholes that need to go back to the pit of hell.
Call Of Da Wild wonders where Bobby got his degree from, it couldn't have been an accredited university. Lest we forget Gayla with her Greedy Ass. Call Of Da Wild remembers when Gayla came to TSU, it was rumored then like it is now that she was a Ho. Gayla, remember to get off your knees because you are what you eat. Why is Gayla in a made up position that was not needed as long as Mr. Westbury was at this University? Gayla lets see about making up a position for you away from TSU, how about in jail?
Call Of Da Wild wonders will anything happen to these Crooked Ass Niggas? Call Of Da Wild has witnessed Wilson, even working with his office at one time manage to stay out of shit i.e Tobacco Fund. Wilson you have ruined a many good people with yo Limpdicked Ass. Call Of Da Wild hopes you get everything you deserve! Gayla, we also wonder about your education credentials.
From the looks of yo head, you should have went to Franklin Beauty School. Call Of Da Wild is puzzled at what that shit is on yo head. What is the Color and Texture? Brillo Pad, Shit, or Sandpaper? Gayla and Bobby Call Of Da Wild hopes that yo Skunky Ass draws are aired right here on campus!
Call Of Da Wild will keep TSYOU informed. Call Of Da Wild hears that the board will be making Limpdick the interim President. God saves us all!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Boy, Stop!

Is this really what you want representing your school? I mean...seriously.


To the ugly nigga who has been trying to hack into my account, be aware. Call of Da Wild has been VERY nice to your black ass...but that can ALL change, trust. Stop while you're ahead because your dirty laundry can be aired.

It's amazing that you got Call Of da Wild on the brain THAT much. CODW suggests you go outside, get some fresh air and meditate before that pride gets broke. Take that to the bank.


The Freaky Deaky Process....General Counsel

Call Of Da Wild has received emails from many employees alleging that General Counsel has not done its job properly. Call Of Da Wild has also had its' fair share of troubles with General Counsel, especially Ms. Keisha David with her "Dairy Queen" looking ass, and lets not forget about Gita P. Bolt the alleged "Head Dike In Charge" (HDIC). Call Of Da Wild wonders what that "P" in her name stands for.

Call Of Da Wild understands how employees feel when they go to general counsel. Have you (employees) ever gone to general counsel and complained and by the time you got back to your office your supervisor knew? I know I have. This is the worst that Call Of Da Wild has seen this school in the years that I have been at TSU.

Call Of Da Wild really wants to know how them niggas in General Counsel keep their jobs? Just look at that Big Tall Lazy Looking Nigga Roy Collins. We heard rumors that Ms. Keisha L. David (Dairy Queen) will call whoever your supervisor is and give them a "heads-up" before you can get in the office good. Just ask people who tried to complain on Bobby and Gayla. What the hell do employees need to go and complain if she gonna pull "Ho Moves"?

When will this madness stop?! When can employees ever go to General Counsel and actually give a complaint without it getting back to our bosses?

Call Of Da Wild heard of an instance when a former employee went to the alleged HDIC and by the time he got back to his office Diane "the other alleged Dike" Nicholson Jones jumped all over him. Somebody needs to do something about this. I guess if my face was in the plate as much as them, I would be confused too. I guess at TSU if you want something resolved you have to go through the "Freaky Deaky" Process, and we all know what that means.

Call Of Da Wild wants know what you have gone through with general counsel! For the record, yes I am a very disgruntled employee!

What is this for if you not gonna use it?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's a Family thang...............really it is

Call Of Da Wild has wondered if anyone has really sat down and looked at the situation TSU is in? This school has one of the most stupidiest Niggas running it now. Call Of Da Wild wonders who and what he's leading, cause it damn sho ain't the school. Think about it.
Call Of Da Wild was very disappointed in the manner Dr. Bobby L. Wilson laid off many of our co-workers and faculty. These were people who taught me things when I first came to work here. People who gave alot to this school, and then you turn around and treat them like shit? But what were we to expect? Wilson is a very tacky and country ass Nigga that wouldn't know how to run a daycare let alone a University.
Call Of Da Wild remembers the way Bobby Wilson carried on while his children were right here at TSU. Many of us TSU Vets remember how he cheated on his wife right in front of his children. Call Of Da Wild also remembers the time his wife came up here and jumped on that bitch he had working in his office, Sheila Ray. Miss Stublefield (God rest her soul) told you to get rid of her young ass, but when you are going with the woman which head are you really using? But Wilson, that is how you get most of the women, you offer them jobs. Then you try to "get a little bit", someone should file charges on you.
Many of us also know how messed up his son was too. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. We all remember when his ole messed up son was over in the Athletics Dept. strung out on that "stuff" (yes y'all he had a job too). Then Wilson turned around and hired his daughter to work in the Pharmacy school.
Damn! How many Niggas are in your family Wilson?
Not to mention that Big Tank Head nephew of yours. Call Of Da Wild wonders just how many relatives of Wilsons' were laid off? Shit the school wants to know how many damn family members do you have working here?
You tell Call Of Da Wild how many niggas in Wilson family are on campus.

Tigerwalk Bullshit

Call Of Da Wild has received many comments and commentaries on students. This blog is a forum for employees, former employees, faculty, and administrators to vent their frustrations with the condidtions that we have to work in, and the sorry ass faculty. It also serves as a beacon of knowledge for all of us that were in the dark.

While Call Of Da Wild does have a concern for students, this is not that forum. This is not the Real World or Road Rules, this blog is a way to let the next administration know that we as employees are fed up! Anything Call Of Da Wild publishes (Post) you can take it to the bank!

If you want to get stuff posted here, LEAVE ALL THE TIGERWALK BULLSHIT (Student Gossip) out. This is about 'Da Hall!

Thank You,

Call Of Da Wild

Please note: All comments involving student gossip will not be posted, so stop wasting your "energy".

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call Of Da Wild just received information that the Hammer has dropped. Here are the following indictments:
  • Quintin Wiggins - 1, 1st Degree Felony Charge
  • Dr. Priscilla D. Slade - 2, 1st Degree Felony Charges
  • Bruce Wilson - 1, 2nd Degree Felony Charge (Same person who put Gayla's daughter on Payroll)
  • Frederick Holts - 1, 1st Degree Felony Charge

Call Of Da Wild already sees the News vans pulling up to the University. It is always good to have an office with a window, because you know when they are here. Winnie, I guess you can bounce your Big Fat Rolly Polly Ass on downstairs to tell yet another lie. Please visit the link.



Our legal analyst at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law provided us with this information:

§ 12.32. FIRST DEGREE FELONY PUNISHMENT. (a) An individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the first degree shall be punished by imprisonment in the institutional division for life or for any term of not more than 99 years or less than 5 years. (b) In addition to imprisonment, an individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the first degree may be punished by a fine not to exceed $10,000.

§ 12.33. SECOND DEGREE FELONY PUNISHMENT. (a) An individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the second degree shall be punished by imprisonment in the institutional division for any term of not more than 20 years or less than 2 years. (b) In addition to imprisonment, an individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the second degree may be punished by a fine not to exceed $10,000.

Bed Bath and Beyond..........................literally they went beyond

Call Of Da Wild after going through the records we received from a former Purchasing employee, would like to show you the following Procurement Card.

Call Of Da Wild isn’t surprised a bit at this “Monkey Ass Nigga” Derek Lockett. It seems to Call Of Da Wild that Derek Lockett, someone who I knew when he first came to TSU is more interested in getting his truck fixed and romancing his girlfriends if he has any. A Muthafucking shame!

Looking at his Procurement Card expenditures, he should be worried that someone is viewing this. Derek, Call Of Da Wild remembers when Derek would eat lunch with the small people, but now he has let his position go to his Piston Shaped head.

Call Of Da Wild is proud to show you the real employees his Procurement Card expenditures.

TSU Procurement Card: Derek Lockett

Walgreen - $21.65

Murphy USA - $22.00

J.C. Penney Co. - $21.44

Johnson GT Sales Services - $349.00

Bed Bath & Beyond - $574.75

Alfreda’s Cafeteria - $28.55 (Nigga Food)

Hobby Lobby #0126 - $203.14

Best Buy - $42.89

Grand Total - $1,501.02

Derek, evidentially you don’t know how to read. The RULES apply to all of us. You went bananas on the procurement card. So it wouldn't surprise anyone that this school has become, a Planet Of Apes.

How Wilson really works...

Call of Da Wild just received info. from a very reliable source close to Dr. Bobby L. Wilson that the layoffs were VERY unfair. It is rumored that Dr. Bobby L. Wilson went department by department asking supervisors who they wanted to get "rid off" instead of going by the recommendations of the committee. Apparently, there were two list floating around: one for the committee and one for Wilson. Call of Da Wild has witnessed Dr. Bobby L. Wilson in action for fifteen years as he has been able keep his hands clean, but this time, his hand has been caught in the cookie jar. Call of the wild hopes his big pop eyed ass is on the list, because there is a roll of toilet paper with his name on it. So much for now...have to get back to work, lunch is over.

Stay Tuned..................more Procurement Cards to come

Call Of Da Wild would like to let it's viewers know that there is more to come. Call Of Da Wild is receiving word that more Procurement Card records are on the way to my office.

So Stay Tuned

There is an old song that says, "Everything's out in the open and there is nothing else to hide". That is dedicated to Bobby & Gayla. Speaking of Gayla, has anyone ever noticed how wide Gayla's head is? I mean is it me or does she have a pumpkin head?
Call Of Da Wild is also encouraging its viewers to call Dr. Bobby L. Wilson and give him words of encouragement. As you all know his dick can't get hard, and I know that has got to be a "hard" pill to swallow. You can reach him at 713-313-7452. If you would like to remain anonymous like on the post section of Call Of Da Wild just remember to dial *67 before dialing. Just don't call on these work phones!
Look familiar Bobby?

Guess Who's Coming To TSU? Dr. Davetta Mills-Daniels

Call Of Da Wild received your comments and they were not even close. So we have posted the picture as promised on yesterday.
This woman has already gotten her daughter hired in Gayla's office and Call Of Da Wild wonders why she dropped Beverly Hinkle, a TSU Veteran for this person? Could it be that "Dr". Davetta Mills-Daniels is just as crooked as Gayla? Is Gayla's Skunky Ass so paranoid that she is trying to put close friends near her? Call Of Da Wild is hearing that before Gayla fired Hinkle, she and Hassan Jamal (Camel Jockey) literally sat down and ate Beverly's breakfast. Now Gayla yous'a dirty Muthafucka with yo "Bangy Bellied Ass" to eat the woman's breakfast and then fire her. When you get to jail you gonna be eating more than breakfast.
Call Of Da Wild received a call from a former TSU employee close to a former administrator and he said ,"I can't believe she (Daniels) played both sides in order to get ahead. It shows how desperate a person becomes just for a job".
None of that will matter because Call Of Da Wild understands that something REALLY big is going to happen today.
A source close to Gayla alleged that "Dr". Davetta Mills-Daniels has an Online Doctorate (what a fucking joke). Wouldn't she be a better fit at the University of Phoenix?

I would advise this woman to stay away from TSU and go back to "Raggedy Ass" HISD where she came from. Call Of Da Wild understands that Gayla might miss the first wave, but the second wave is not for certain. So much for now, to my fellow co-workers don't get caught reading this blog at work. I almost got caught by my supervisor posting this stuff yesterday!

Some Darkie's ain't in Da Melon Patch..........but Erica sho managed to stay.

Call Of Da Wild was shocked to see Erica Vallier back in Da Melon Patch. Call Of Da Wild wonders just what prompted Skunky Ass Gayla & Limpnoodle Wilson to keep Vallier?

Call Of Da Wild heard that Erica was a very loyal servant in Da Melon Patch making sure that all'dem sweet melons was picked and "then some". Call Of Da Wild heard from sources that Erica had the goods on Skunky Ass Gayla and Bobby's Popeyed Ass.

Call Of Da Wild received information on Erica Vallier that was astounding! Call Of Da Wild also hears that Erica went to town on dat ole Procurement Card.

Erica is it true that you fell out downtown? Is it also true that you turned on your former boss? If all of this is true, then will you tell on Gayla's Skunky Ass & Bobby's Popeyed Ass? Call Of Da Wild sure hopes so!

Well guy's what you have all been waiting for Erica's Procurement Card expenditures.

TSU Procurement Card: Erica Vallier:

Erica Call Of Da Wild thought you knew? Click Here

Monday, July 31, 2006

Cooking With Grease........More to come

Call Of Da Wild just received a phone call from sources downtown and it is alleged that Gayla Thomas had Beverly Hinkle as a front person for all of her crooked ass shit. No wonder Beverly wasn't at work this morning. Call Of Da Wild received documented proof from a source close to Gayla supporting this allegation.

Call Of Da Wild thought that Hinkle was smarter than that? Call Of Da Wild just wonders who in Gayla's office is truly loyal to her? One person who does most of Gayla's work has already shared information with Call Of Da Wild that supports that allegation too!

Well Gayla, you have dropped Beverly in the grease, but more importantly, Call Of Da Wild hopes she drops yo Skunky Greasy Lipped Ass in the grease, too.

Call Of Da Wild would be remissed if we didn't show you how Beverly spent University money, and to my source thanks for finally seeing it my way.

TSU Procurement Card: Beverly Hinkle

  • TSU Bookstore - $217.64
  • TSU Bookstore - $30.31
  • TSU Bookstore - $151.55
  • Foodarama #02 - $ 16.24
  • JOANN Fabric#1418 - 23.95
  • Walmart Supercenter - $39.50
  • Crystal Children & Teach - $3.02
  • Walmart Supercenter - $23.31
  • TSU Bookstore - $12.67
  • Randall's - $38.83
  • Walmart Supercenter - $75.78
  • Walmart Supercenter - 66.12
  • Randall's - $81.54

Total - $780.46

Beverly if this is true and you did it for someone else you better tell. Also, Call Of Da Wild would like to thank its many viewers for the emails of support and let M.Demaris (Looney Tune) know that Call Of Da Wild has documented (Buying textbooks as though you are a professor) info on you, and you are new to da game.

Call Of Da Wild likes to cook with Grease how about You?

Blowing the Whistle.........But in This Case the Horn!

Call Of Da Wild just received an email from a former employee who worked in Purchasing. The email states that this person has already contacted the District Attorney's office and is turning in information on Procurement Card purchases on all them niggas! You would be shocked if you saw and heard what Call Of Da Wild heard!

Call Of Da Wild was lucky enough to get information on several people. We will post Procurement Card information for different individuals starting today and going through the entire week.

Today's Procurement Card: George Thomas, KTSU General Manager

Baytown Seafood - $47.43

The Family Cafe - $39.62

Riva's Italian Restaurant - $36.63

KINKO's #0112 - $64.83

Fusion Cafe - $37.94

Office Depot #86 - $75.69

Goode Company Texas (BBQ) - $97.47

Walmart - $54.13

The Family Cafe - $12.50

Drexler's World Famous - $39.54

R.J's Rib Joint - $52.41

ATT Headware Inc. - $467.50

H-Town Tickets - $360.00

Grand Total - $1385.69

Now looking at this information and from me knowing George all these years, I
always wondered who paid for his hats. Now I know, TSU.George I am very disappointed!

Bobby And Gayla, there is enough information on two of you to last for days. Gayla's Big Skunky Ass loves Goode Company just like George's Bowl Head Ass. Guy's (Gayla & George) as the old saying goes, "Big wide asses and Gluttons think alike and eat alike too". Call Of Da Wild hopes that all TSU employees and former employees follows suit and turns in info. By the way lunch is on George today, so when you see him let him know.

TSU has a "strict" policy on the use of procurement
cards. I know when they gave me mine, I was told not to purchase personal items.
It is strictly for University use, not personal use. I guess the rules only
apply to certain people.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Guess Who's Coming To TSU!

Call Of Da Wild received wind that yet another former HISD principal is coming to Texas Southern University. Call Of Da Wild wonders who is going to join the TSU family admist hiring freezes. Could we call Friday's layoffs "employee gentrification"? Clearing the field to bring in friends and yet more family members.

Call Of Da Wild has it on good faith that this person is a close friend to Gayla Thomas and has already got her daughter hired in Gayla's office. Call Of Da Wild understands that this person is also good friends with the "twins" whoever they are, Gayla was also instrumental in getting them jobs. Bringing them under the same system that hired her husband and herself, the "package deal". So I guess if you do it for one you have to do it for another, and this time it is a mother and daughter deal. Ain't that a bitch!

Call OF Da Wild is taking guesses on who this person is. Please post all guesses on the comments section. Call Of Da Wild will delete all other comments so post names only.
Call Of Da Wild will post the photo of this administrator after the contest is over which will be at 12 AM on Monday night.

Turn A Nigga In Day!

Call OF Da Wild is declaring Monday, July 31, 2006 as "Turn A Nigga In Day". If you are currently employed or you know someone who was laid off please tell them to "Turn A Nigga In".
Call Of Da Wild received wind that this will be an amnesty program for all current and former employees to turn in all these Niggas to the proper authorities (Harris County District Attorney). Now I want y'all to think about how they did y'all. I mean they were going to make you work from 8am to 5pm before telling yo ass not to comeback. I bet Bobby, Gayla, and Charlene didn't take pay cuts, and if they did they weren't as affected as you were. I felt bad seeing many of my co-workers crying and packing up their desks, it makes me not even want to go in on Monday.

"They did even appreciate you enough to give you a chance to look
for another job."

That is definitely a "Ho Move". So that is why Call Of Da Wild has declared Monday, July 31, 2006 as "Turn A Nigga In Day". And to those of you asking me if I turned anything in, I started 6 years ago keeping records when I barely missed being fired after coming from the Douglas administration into Slade's administration.