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Playing Politics at Commencement....................leave it up to Niggas

Call Of Da Wild just had to talk about the article in today's paper where State Representative Harold Dutton blasted regents. Call Of Da Wild was at Commencement when Harold Dutton started his "show". Call Of Da Wild was very upset that Dutton decided to use graduation day as a place to talk about the board among other things. Commencement is supposed to be a day of inspiration and appreciation rather than petty bullshit (George Thomas).
Harold you know whats been going on here has been wrong even when you were here as a student. You are a "Johnny Come Lately" holding your finger in the air trying get on the "right side" of the politics. Harold, why has it taken you this long to see that the Board is inept? Call Of Da Wild has seen a many regents come and go, but CODW can say that the Board did show some common sense when they didn't make Bobby Interim President, yo frat brother.
Harold, you are just like all politicians, especially Nigga ones! Worthless. If you love TSU so much, why are you just now saying something "publicly"? Call Of Da Wild understands why you would jump on the Board for KTSU (George Thomas). That is your boy. You probably got tickets from his big sausage nose ass. You should tell ya boy that he needs to keep somethings to himself. You need to tell him to stop spending school money on bullshit (see archives: Blowing the whistle.....but in this case the horn).
Call Of Da Wild hopes that Harold Dutton leaves this situation alone. If you ain't been involved in it before, don't come running now! You just like them ole niggas ass politicians, full of shit! Yo Nigga Ass tried to get the Law School seperated from the main campus when you filed that bogus ass "rider" bill. Thought Call Of Da Wild forgot about that huh? When is the last time you were in the area sans election years and times you are at the Sportsman Bar?
And to the Board y'all ass apart of the problem too, especially when good employees bring issues to y'all. Grow some nuts and some ovaries do the right thing or else y'all looking at gettin da boot. Y'all asses showed some leadership by performing that audit and not making Limpnoodle President.
Alumni, we can do better at saving our school. Tell these nigga ass politicians to stay out of it! They already did enough, nothing.
Love Ya, Class Of 1992


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We as a concerned citizens and alumni should focus on the total restructuring of our University. I like the concept of the Blog, and most of the information is pretty good. I think that you should have done this a long time ago. When these same concerns were brought out no one wanted to listen. What a difference a year makes. Lets focus on Restructuring the school and less on the personal attacks. Because TSU is a jewel that should be cherished and preserved for generations yet unborn.

Warmest Regards,

Justin Jordan

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do believe that there are strings that we are yet to recognize why our elected politicians rally around TSU;I also feel that Dutton hit the nail on the head... it needed to be said. The board's only responsibility was accountability ..the failed miserably.. the problems did not just crop up and they were forwarned, and chose to ignore allowing the maddness to continue. Why should they get paid for their neglience? If they knew they are guilty, if they didn't know thaey are still guilty of not doing their job. The buck stops and begans at the top. cut the cancer all the way out or it will rear it's ugly head adn destroy again. The cancer is wide spread and I can't understand for the life oe me hoe some people survived the cuts.Kiesha David is not fit to be recieving a salary.I trust that will be recognized and she will be handled accordingly.Actually we need a president that will go department by department and rid the campus of all the "BULLSHIT". There are peolpe who show up for work to do nothing all day long, there are made up job position athat people have to search for work to do.. money tied up that could be used to reward those of us who do work. I feel the directors and asst. should be fired for condoning the "BULL". The unfairness is so wide spread,and the habit of covring up and providing for friends and family has to cease. It's been done so long that peolple still allow it thinking no one will notice or catach it.They need to talk to the workers we can tell you where the fat is that needs to be cut. All directors, supervisors,that has permitted it to occur shuld be removed. The same mentality that allowe it to survive will not cease until they are removed.Keep up the good work .

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out todays USA TODAY, page 7... TSU is in the news... AGAIN. Thank you Rep. Dutton

12:10 PM  
Blogger da rattler said...

Dam son u R off da mf chain!!!!! keep blogging!!!

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the person who stated that the blog was an excellent idea and brings out many concerns that need to be addressed. The personal tone of much of the articles and commentary speak to the deep level of frustration that many employees have that their concerns have not been heard. Some very fine faculty are treated very badly, while others, less qualified because somebody goes to their church or their mama is this one or that one, or they had sex with whomever in 1982 or whatever, get away with, it seems, bloody murder! And for very real reasons, some are afraid to upset the apple cart lest their own jobs be on the line. Just go along with the program seems to be the key to success; keep your head down! I have had so many friends leave, most not by their own choice because they were just too good and too outspoken to get along with those in the status quo elite. The students are the ones who suffer in the end. I did not plan on working at TSU as long as I have. I love my students, but things are getting so bad now, I think I've got to start looking for something else. Its all very sad to me.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why hasn't this been sent to Channel 11, 26, 13, 12....I mean I know the language, but its true, I was fired A LONG TIME AGO, for calling out ills. So when ya'll gone start looking into ATs hoes that get paid thousands and never come to work, the many laptops, desktops that go missing and unreported...Bobby's many vacations, ya'll doing great job! But the POWER you hold in what you know is the only thing that will change what's happening. As a 12 year TSU veteran it saddens me that the real losers are the students.

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say that you want to make TSU better. Outside of you thinking this blog is the answer. What are your steps in doing so? Also, do you really think this blog is helping? When will it be time to start a effective way of chaning TSU? Could you post a resolution?

Class 89

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found agree with this like please post.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to 2:37pm

The only thing that is happening is niggas talking, talking, talking, and hoping that someone is going to save us from ourselves. I will tell you what is sad...........Niggas. I bet just like most of the people posting comments that you needed to get fired and you was just a dirty as the rest of them. Stop crying and blaming others for your short comings. TSU needs for niggas to stop just talking and start doing something. I bet you do not even give back. Shit, I bet you did not even graduate. I bet you where one of those lazy motherfuckers walking around campus doing nothing. TSU does not need people like you or any other said niggas, because you not doing nothing anyway. We need people like the TSU three or the person who did this blog. Not niggas like Dutton jumping on the band wagon to get votes or the rest of you commenting about nothing and doing nothing. It is time out for all the talk and time to see who really loves TSU. For those of you who are really ready to make TSU better start by giving back. Start by coming out to the events all of them. Do not only come if you get free tickets. Shit pay for them. For those of you who are saying I don't give back becasue them niggas do not do right with the money. Come on campus find a student and buy there books, help with tution, or if you do not have money just talk to them about postive things. Stop sitting on your ass and pointing the finger. For all my Coworkers do something, shit anything, just do something postive becasue the personal bullshit attacks are not doing nothing but making people laugh. TSU only wants people who are willing to work. We do not need anymore people here who just wants to ride the bench. Thanks CODW for giving people a venue to vent but challenge the people to do something other than help destory the school with there bullshit personal agendas.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 7.13pm. That is a good idea to adopt a student. I will adopt a student to help this fall if my TSU job is not eliminated. My son is at PV without loans or grants. He does not need any help, so I am able to help a student this fall. Thank you for the inspiration.

12:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The emotionally immature fixates on today's TSU Administration scandal by primarily NAMING, SHAMING and BLAMING.

The emotionally mature seeks desparately lessons learned and fights to effect those "LESSONS-LEARNED-IMPROVEMENTS" ... for a greater and better TSU.

In our present frustration and anger, this doesn't mean much.

But when the better angels of our souls gain stronger footing, I believe it will.

!!TSU ... Forever ... My Friends!!


12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think there should be a clean sweep throughout the entire administration. There are so many assistant and associate vp's I can hardly keep count! These people do nothing except collect a fat check! If this does not happen, the cycle will continue. In the past, the university gets a new president and then the same old people in these same positions corrupt the supposedly "new system" all over again. It is time for a change and if TSU can't get it's act together maybe it should be taken over because history speaks for itself! As an alumnus, I would not want to see this happen, but it is clearly evident that we haven't learned anything from our past mistakes.

1:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brother or Sister whoever you are that says niggas are just talkin, talkin.. first of all, I do give back and plenty more would too, however you want to put the cart before the horse, not possible. If you are truly intune you will know that most students / alumni do not give back nor choose to....WHY? the TS"U" experience leaves a bad taste in a lot of mouths. The problem is larger than just stealing.. the campus as a whole needs to be geared to and for the students and that has not occured. Result students attend, some grauate but with the attitude..I could care less. Look at homecoming a big tale-tell sign on most HBCU homecoming is off the hook with people returning in groves accomplied with friends and family members. Fond memories are nutured and passed on, however that does not occur here. Surely you must know that a happy camper is a better one, the frustration and anger that's voiced here is a sign of a cancer that's called "poor people management and appreciation". While the administrators are needed it's us that's on the front line, face to face on a daily basis with the students.When you are not valued and taken for granted and when there are opportunities to acknowledge the good and efforts of the people in the "trenches"(if you will), it's not done. The attitudes are so prevalent that I will put my pay check up that if you go building by building you will find that ungrateful, unappreciative, let's kepp them down with our foot on their neck attitude, and don't forget the "BIG I " 'little you' attitude. It's encouraged from Kiesha David on down the line, you can not be around sewage and not smell like it, it seeps in and contimantes all that it encounters. For thos of you who say do something and stop talking , I would you staart by just talking to the student, your co-workers and see what the true flavor of TSU is...not a good one but check it out for yourself. Attitude determines your altitude and when you have those who are trampled on, over looked and unappreciated you tell me what type of attitude will come from that environment. There's no way around the truth...the truth always has and always will prevailand stand alone. A complete change is in order. Campus wide it's being duplicated...made up job titles, I think it's sinful to come to work day after day and not work and believe you have a right to raises and want respect. That attitude leads to a conceit and a a sense of entitlement that produces more sewage behavior. We are talking about the survival of an institution, and untill we learn to value each other we will continue to fail. Building by building it exists.. how would you feel having to report to work and on a daily basis you see and know that their are individuals who sit, walk and talk all day maybe on a good day they migh have a project that might demand that they work, it's bad business and it's demoralizing. We need someone who cares about waht the people on the front line thinks and cares about. Thanks , exhaling is therapeutic.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great!!! We are finally talking about doing something. It is time for majority of our attention to be placed on the students and most importantly, ACADMEICS! Besides, this is a university and the focus SHOULD be on the students. GUAC is not doing its job nor is Enrollment services, so here is my proposal.

(I'm only focusing on what can be done for the students)

In the Fall, there needs to be a 'homework night' where students can come to get help with their homework. For example, 7-11pm in the student center, every Tuesday and Thursday night. This is very reminiscent of what 'homework hotline' was in high school.

The university needs advisors for all students, not only GUAC students. Advisors that are easily identifiable and everyone would know who to go to for advising. For example, all majors in liberal Arts would go to Ms. So and so, All majors in Public affairs would go to Mr. So and so. We may have something like this already, but it’s not working. I should be able to pick up a list that has all the advisors information on it, so that, in the event that a student comes to me and says, "I am a chemistry major and need help" At that point I would be able to look on the list and tell them EXACTLY where they need to go and who they need to speak with.

There needs to be an office that handles those students who are not progressing academically. Lets just say that GUAC would be our facility for that (Hypothetically speaking) A student is not doing well and they have been sent to
GUAC. His or hers parents or professor wants to track their students progress. The parent or professor should be able to call GUAC and get the information that is on file for that student. (much easier to explain!!)

We need more programs geared towards academics. We have the venues to do it. The Sociology 211 class that ALL students MUST take is a great start.

Our job as an institution of higher learning is to educate people so that they can become positive contributors to society and if an institution is not educating its students properly, than there is no need for the institution. I believe in TSU and what it does for not only Houston, but the world.

Anybody that is willing to volunteer, PLEASE DO SO. I don't know if what I proposed will work, but it is a plan and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make this a first class university.

please email me if you are interested in helping.

Thank you,

James Hollins

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correction the website address is

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James, what the hell! I agree, GUAC is not doing its job, and that’s because the focus is on numbers, and not on the actual outcome. But Homework night! This is college, not high school! And for the record, there is assistance of student (actually in GUAC) where students can receive free tutoring until 7pm. Not to mention there are instructors that are willing offer extra assistance but 9 times out of 10 the students don’t take advantage of it.

The University does have advisors for all students, not just GUAC test responsible students, but good luck trying to get someone from the different departments to actually advise. So for the record, using your example, all majors in liberal arts do go to Ms. So and So, and all majors in public affairs do go to mr. So and so. And get this, there is a list of these advisors.

The office that handles those students who are not progressing academically is GUAC! I can hand it to Dr. Fleming, if she doesn’t do anything else, she does send letters out to notify students and parents that the students are not coming to class and that there is a failing potential. She even includes the programs that the students can go to for academic assistance (granted the majority of the GUAC programs are fake).

Now incase you didn’t know, because students at TSU are adults, it is against the federal privacy act for anyone to provide parents with information about the students. And there is no need for a parent to call GUAC because if they have good communication with their child, they can access the student’s My web account and find out what ever they need to know. Don’t forget, this is not a high school. These students need to start being responsible for their own academic success. It is their responsibility to seek help, to speak to instructors, and understand what they need to graduate from TSU. We can’t continue to baby the students, because when they enter the real world, no ones going to call Mommy and Daddy to let them know they have poor job performance.

And don’t get me started on Soc 211. Despite it’s just one great big experimental piece for some book Dr. Fleming is more than likely trying to write, it is not supported by the university. Most departments tell the students they don’t even need it. And the GUAC advisors are expected to teach all of those classes, without pay, and still keep up with the demands of student advising. IMPOSSIBLE! And now that half the advisors are gone, I’m curious to see how that will be pulled off.

So what are we volunteering for? GUAC needs more SOC 211 instructors, Volunteer for that. But enough of my hours are already given in forced overtime, which we are never compensated for. Everything you have said James has already been done, or is already in place. We talk about the academics but we can’t even get the students to Test Passed status. My recommendation is for the university to stop letting in students who continuously fail. Stop letting those students back who enroll, collect their refund check, and never attend class. How many Fs can a student get before we say enough, and send them on their way. I can’t not even begin to count the number of times I’ve heard about the grandmother, grandfather, mother, father deaths, or jail time, or pregnancy, or how work was more important, or how this semester was going to be different.

And don’t get me started on that sorry ass Library, because you can tell a lot about an educational institution by the library.

Yes TSU is open door, but does the door have to be revolving!

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To that last comment that responded to James Hollins, I would just like to say to least James is attempting to come up with some sort of plan. As I read this blog all I see is name calling, disrespectful comments, racist comments (doesn't matter if blacks are calling other blacks the n-word), and horrible pictures that derived from a horrible time within our history...slavery. It is so easy for people to join in on all of the negative without every considering drafting up some type of solution. I do agree that majority of the administration and Board of Regents has not acted in the best interest of the students, employees, and the community. Yes they have stolen from us and even went on record saying that they knew all about the cracks in the Rec Center (J. Paul Johnson). But it is the time to stop tearing each other down and to attempt to rebuild our great institution. I am sure that everyone has had a bad experience or two while at TSU, but please believe me that we are not nor will ever be the only institution or students to experience problems. As an undergrad as well as an alumnus, I have not allowed any of my bad experiences to dictate my giving back. No matter what I have endured I always want to try to make it better for the next student that will follow. We need to stop looking and wasting our time and energy on the mishaps of the past and begin to rebuild for the future generations that will follow in our footsteps as Tigers. Although James suggested a homework night similar to the homework hotline, no one should criticize or try to belittle his idea. Yes we are all adults but at least he is attempting to focus his energy on the most important issue at TSU....the students. Wake up my people! If you think that we have a sorry library then don’t talk about it be about it, attempt to make it better. At least I can honestly say that a small number of us have dedicated ourselves in trying to make a difference.

The time has come for us to stop talking and begin taking action. Please get out of the I don't care mentality and start standing up for the betterment of our school. There is a call for leadership and service, now lets see who will answer. Will it be you? Or will you just turn your head and ignore it like you have in the past? Let’s stand together and make a difference so that generations to come will be able to join us in saying TSU...TSU...We Love You! Please join in the struggle and let’s start rebuilding and stop tearing down!

Thanks for your attention,

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the lists, who are the advisors, who are the tutors??? You seem to know so much, provide me with the information so that I can get the information out to the students. Because this is an open enrollment university, we are charged with a special mission to help those students who are academically behind. Not behind because they are not smart, but behind because it may take longer for them to fully comprehend academically. Get them to a level that is college level, so that they can matriculate regularly through the rest of their college years. We can comment and criticize all day long, but at the end of the day, it only comes down to what you are doing to help change the situation. I truly believe that almost any vision, if it is sensible, will achieve something - as long as people are motivated and encouraged to make it work, but Thomas Fuller said it best when he said, “Nothing is easy to the unwilling”


James Hollins

Ps. have you actually tried speaking with Dr. Fleming? Effective communication does wonders if you are an effective person!

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James Hollins? I'm certainly glad you're not in SGA this year. your idea is cool, for high schoolers. This is college. Your proposal is rejecetd...........File 13.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright Mr. James. The list is available in the GUAC office Suite 114. Go by there and any advisor will let you know who is your academic advisor, location, phone number and email. if you ask nicely, they might even give you the 40 page list of contacts around campus.

Why must everything be hand fed to TSU students? When will there be a little get up and go about some of them. I've been on other campuses, and TSU (with the exception of maybe HCC) is the only one that has to hand hold the student through every process. And when thing are wrong, it's TSU fault. Their fault when the students wait until the 4th day of class to apply to the university, and they don't have you process 15 minutes after you put in the application. TSU's fault that you've never attended classes, didn't bother to drop so you have all Fs, and can't get your finanical aid. TSU's fault that you didn't know you had to take a state mandated test that you've heard about since high school. I could go on and on.

I want to know, about all of these so call alum, who are giving back. where you at? Don't see you mentoring, because people there is a mentoring program on campus. Don't see you coming back to encourage students once you've become the big time professionals, cuz TSU don't wanna pay you to speak. Don't see you lined up purchasing those bricks. Where oh where are your contributions. When I graduated, the majority of us said we wouldn't give TSU jack. We'd take our chances and give it to the students before we handed a dollar over to the administration, so where's your scholar dollars. Who have you reached back and touch.

Everyday, I go to work and try to make a difference in a student's life. Barely making enough to feed my family, but getting fulfilled from students who actually say thankyou because they got help they could not get from anywhere else.

Please don't preach to me about doing for the university when half of yall haven't set foot on the university since undergrad, and once you get your masters from somewhere, start to claim the other institutions as your place of education. I know, cuz I deal with yall and your kids daily.

Some of you, if the truth be told, are at TSU because you couldn't go anywhere else. Sure there are some who wanted to come to TSU, like myself, and actually left feeling positive. it was only when I returned and tryied to make a difference that I realize that changing the minds of niggahs, is like hitting your head against a brick wall, painful, and pointless.

If there is to be change, students need to call for it. But student like James what to sit around and sing "we are the world, and patty cake" instead of really get out there. it is the students that should be pist off, but they seem to careless that this stuff is happening.

Your cost to attend TSU has increase, but instructors and staff have decressed. You guys are charged fees that you don't even get a service for. Case in point. In coming freshmen are charged 39 dollars for orientation. When this fee first came about students got T shirts, activities, guest speakers, meals on the plaza, on and on. Now, they are still charged $39 but i doubt if they even get a TSU pencil. Why don't you guys question that? It's your money that's being wasted, and your education that's in jeopardy but yall just keep going like it's nothing.

This is a place to express fustration from trying to do more in a system that wants less. So let the people say their part. Just like the others, I vent, go back to work, and still make difference in those who want a change.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact still remains that I have offered something. I turned in my application for SGA TODAY!!! When you all become grown enough to put your names on here and stop hiding, than we can talk 'anonymous' 1:11pm

James Hollins

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

File 13 my ass

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately James Hollins is right. A study night or groups should be established. At UH-Calhoun for example, the PROMES engineers take the same classes together and are required to attend certain study sessions as a part of their semester course. Most of them not only graduate, but do it with honors. It can happen and it can happen from a collegiate prospective. I tried for a long time to get in to GUAC, Recruiting and Financial Aid. I am so glad for unanswered prayers. I may not have a job today. Some of us have the ability to think outside of the box and students at TSU need that. Too bad for them(GUAC and others) they did not see what a gem they could have had. I know about the UH program first hand and I sometimes work with them on projects.

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

comparing UofH to TSU is like comparing apples to oranges. You can not attend UofH if you do not pass the THEA, and if you graduate with a low gpa. Yes those students graduate because they are already on track academically. TSU student however do not all fall into that classification. Like James, it is difficult to even get them TEST PASSED and on track for graduation. So what works for UofH demographics does not work for the TSU demographics. Thanks for the suggestion.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is open enrollment working? I think not.Implement minimum entrance requirements at TSU and watch how quiclky enrollment drops and graduation rates increase. That seems like an acceptable trade-off right? If not, then what is the real motive behind letting everyone in and graduating only 15 out of every 100. Could those fat financial aid dollars offer some clue. TSU wharehouses millions of federal dollars every year for needy students.That stolen money had to come from somewhere.

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James Hollins you would sream if you knew who this was. What'd you put your application in for? You "opportunist"!!! I hope when they decide to let you in SGA as you idly sat back and watched the elections (no particptaion). Your idea wasn't good at all. TSU need sto be reconstituted....FIRE EVERY DAMN BODY.EVERYBODY WAS GETTING THEIR PLAMS GREASED...EVEN jAMES HOLLINS....HE WORKED IN THE OFFICE tOO...DID YALL KNOW THAT? AND HE SAID NOTHING!!!!!!!!

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great suggestion James!! The university does need some support groups. A tutorial-based education lays the foundation for success in undergraduate, graduate, professional schools an career opportunities. It also sets the stage for life long intellectual engagement. James, you have my support and I have 28 committed students who want to help as well. I don't think we should leave GUAC out all together because they can be of some assistance. You should also look into getting help from student support services.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great suggestion James!!! The university needs more support groups. A tutorial-based education lays the foundation for success in undergraduate, graduate, professional schools and career opportunities. It also sets the stage for life long intellectual engagement. James, you have my support and I have 28 committed students who want to help as well.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its so amazaing how we can get tied down on little stupid things and forget about the real issues at hand. This blog nor the issues at this institution is about James Hollins. If you have problems with him, then take then up with him in person and stop posting nonsense on this site. Does it matter that he worked in an office? He was not the one that was bleeding the students by overspending. What about the other administrators that we have been currently discussing? They knew what was going on and done nothing when they had the capability to do something. I may not agree with the language and pics of this blog but I believe that it was created to give us an opportunity to come together and express our feelings, issues, anger, and solutions to the problems that our great institution is facing. Not to tear each other down and take personal attacks upon one another.

For the record, I am an almunus and I give back every opportunity I can. Hell I have been helping out with freshman registration (as a matter of fact it was only myself and another alumnus that was helping)and is not getting paid. Its not even about the money but welcoming and helping our future take their first step into adulthood. Maybe is we stop tearing eachother down, pointing fingers, and wanting recoginition for every damn thing we do; then we will be able to put the pieces back together and rebuild our institution. Please lets get out of that slave mentality that the oppessors has placed in our heads for generations and do something. Stop with the mess and nonsense and the singing of we are doomed and destined to fail and get off your asses and make this institution a great one by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you say you dont want recognition, you must want something. dont come in here talking about what you done for free as an alumnus. if you wanna do something, lessen our tuition fees and bookstore prices.

1:37 PM  
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