Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Some Darkie's ain't in Da Melon Patch..........but Erica sho managed to stay.

Call Of Da Wild was shocked to see Erica Vallier back in Da Melon Patch. Call Of Da Wild wonders just what prompted Skunky Ass Gayla & Limpnoodle Wilson to keep Vallier?

Call Of Da Wild heard that Erica was a very loyal servant in Da Melon Patch making sure that all'dem sweet melons was picked and "then some". Call Of Da Wild heard from sources that Erica had the goods on Skunky Ass Gayla and Bobby's Popeyed Ass.

Call Of Da Wild received information on Erica Vallier that was astounding! Call Of Da Wild also hears that Erica went to town on dat ole Procurement Card.

Erica is it true that you fell out downtown? Is it also true that you turned on your former boss? If all of this is true, then will you tell on Gayla's Skunky Ass & Bobby's Popeyed Ass? Call Of Da Wild sure hopes so!

Well guy's what you have all been waiting for Erica's Procurement Card expenditures.

TSU Procurement Card: Erica Vallier:

Erica Call Of Da Wild thought you knew? Click Here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont forget about dian nickeles and kieth thompson two crockes thats riding around in state property red ford truck. he fired a lots of people that would not kiss his ass runing around whith dian like a little puppy .im sure they have a pacurment card thats over spent all so if you find out about the two lovers spending habets let put it out on call of the wild see ya

5:47 PM  

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