Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blue Ribbon President?????

Call Of Da Wild received a call last night from an Administrator asking CODW's thoughts on a Blueribbon panel member becoming President. That person was non other than Anthony Hall, Coon-At-Large from City Hall. The other Coon calling for him is also a member of the blueribbon panel: Justice of the Peace Zinetta Burney. (Pictured below is a picture of some of the Blueribbon Panel members)
Call Of Da Wild see's the whole situation going from bad to worse if these Handkerchief Head Niggas do anything, anywhere, at anytime. How many people remember ole Tony the Tiger (Anthony Hall)? Remember when he was a State Representative and we would see him with his woman or women at the motorcycle meet up?

If TSU wants to really clean itself up, it would get rid of niggas like Hall, Jefferson, and Burney: THREE NIGGA STOOGES!

It is rumored that some of the Uppity Niggers in 3rd Ward were very involved in the Parking Garage situation. CODW looked at the paper work and saw familar names, one being a member of the Blueribbon Panel and her fellow friend A. Scott Davis. CODW remembers when Scott-Davis was hired at the School of Business and for her to do Dr. Slade like this? She has turned her back on the woman who gave her the opportunity to make money at TSU. Shame on You Scott-Davis! Also on the Chittlin Circuit of gossip the General is once again in Austin lobbying for more money. Just remember to follow protocol when asking him questions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read in the Houston Chronicle that two of TSU's regents "repaid" their children's scholarship money back to the school?!?!


I thought if you stole something you had to first go to jail and then the judge would decide if you had to pay it back? When did these people get amnesty?

I wonder if the state would extend that same courtesy to the average person at TSU who "misappropriated" state money. I could hear it now, “It’s okay, just return the money. We won’t press charges. We won’t fire you. We’ll give you a promotion!”

Hell, they even didn't give that option to the former president and she's going to jail. But get this: one of the regents who returned the money is Belinda Griffin, the same person who turned the former president over to the DA (after she saw “how nice her house was”, as so the rumor goes). I guess this is the state's way of rewarding “hatin’” and “snitchin’” among its blue-blooded niggas.

So what’s the moral of this story? As long as you are a crab-in-the-barrel-thinking, spineless, rotten, dirty, back-stabbing, evil, good-for-nothing, dishonest, low-life freak…the sky’s the limit at TSU under this administration!

Sounds like “Enron II” to me.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now what the hell is the board of regents’ children doing getting scholarships from the school? Aren’t they successful enough to pay for their children’s education without having to deprive some underprivileged child an education? Do these people have any shame? Damn! How much abuse from these money-grubbing vampires can the school take? More importantly, when will it end?

This is absolutely ridiculous! Nobody cares about the students; all they are concerned about is how they are going to get paid! That damn Rick Perry, the board of regents, and all those backward imbeciles in administration should be run out of town by every concerned parent with a child at TSU! God knows if I had a daughter going to TSU that there would be NO WAY that that freak Hasan would still be there! Shame on all of you!

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, the advertisement is out for the new President.


Looks like "Tony tha Tiger" has a good chance. The job does not require teaching experience, academic credentials, research experience, or even a doctorate.
Also, no real requirement for getting along with students, staff or faculy; just "...the ability to articulate the vision/mission of TSU to public/state officials and prospective donors..."

Oops, the "articulate" thing may trip Tony up. Probably Bobby too.

Get your applications in early (by April 6), 'cause the job could be your's "effective Summer 2007"

2:54 AM  

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