Friday, August 04, 2006

We're having a party dancing to the music..........................................

Call Of Da Wild has received word that Joyce Lattimore has also spent money on a Procurement card. Call Of Da Wild wants to know why the rules only apply to certain people? Why is it good for one, but not good for the other?
Call Of Da Wild would like to present you with what looks like a smoking gun. It is rumored from our purchasing source that this is not an allowable expense on the Procurement Card. It is alleged that she did the following.
TSU Procurement Card: Joyce Lattimore
  • Walmart - $5.92
  • Garden Ridge - $63.42
  • Hobby Lobby - $148.54
  • Hobby Lobby - $70.95
  • Walgreens - $107.72
  • Walgreens - $12.88
  • Walgreens - $6.14
  • AT&T Wireless Services - $136.62

Grand Total - $552.19

Looks like someone was planning a party. Call Of Da Wild would like give y'all the Procurement Card Rules.

Call Of Da Wild wonders why people are being laid off, but nothing is done about the Procurement Cards. Maybe if they did something about people like this, and treated those of us that followed rules like we were appreciated, we wouldn't have to lay people off. I wonder!


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