Friday, August 04, 2006

Due to Increased Traffic

Due to the increased traffic in the office and on campus, Call Of Da Wild has decided to post at night and during lunch. Call Of Da Wild can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there are employees that feel the same way I do. Call Of Da Wild has never seen the school in such shambles as it is in now. Out of all the years that I have been on campus, this is the worst its been. Then TSU is left with the two tarbabies Bobby & Gayla, two assholes that need to go back to the pit of hell.
Call Of Da Wild wonders where Bobby got his degree from, it couldn't have been an accredited university. Lest we forget Gayla with her Greedy Ass. Call Of Da Wild remembers when Gayla came to TSU, it was rumored then like it is now that she was a Ho. Gayla, remember to get off your knees because you are what you eat. Why is Gayla in a made up position that was not needed as long as Mr. Westbury was at this University? Gayla lets see about making up a position for you away from TSU, how about in jail?
Call Of Da Wild wonders will anything happen to these Crooked Ass Niggas? Call Of Da Wild has witnessed Wilson, even working with his office at one time manage to stay out of shit i.e Tobacco Fund. Wilson you have ruined a many good people with yo Limpdicked Ass. Call Of Da Wild hopes you get everything you deserve! Gayla, we also wonder about your education credentials.
From the looks of yo head, you should have went to Franklin Beauty School. Call Of Da Wild is puzzled at what that shit is on yo head. What is the Color and Texture? Brillo Pad, Shit, or Sandpaper? Gayla and Bobby Call Of Da Wild hopes that yo Skunky Ass draws are aired right here on campus!
Call Of Da Wild will keep TSYOU informed. Call Of Da Wild hears that the board will be making Limpdick the interim President. God saves us all!


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