Friday, February 02, 2007

Slick James Richard Perry, Governor of Texas

Call Of Da Wild is so upset with Governor Perry that it will probably act like a nigga sometimes soon! Call Of Da Wild can't help but see that this all goes full circle back to the Governor's office. CODW received from reliable sources that Governor Perry was involved with someone at TSU "on anotha" Level.

CODW has been at TSU long enough to know that TSU has always been treated like the black sheep of Texas. Governor Perry has now Disrespected the University by saying one thing and doing another (Like A Nigga). Governor Perry doesn't care about TSU because if he did he wouldn't appoint Bullshittin Niggas to the Board! So Blueribbon my ass!
CODW has already dealt with one committee members wife. She feels that her husband is not apart of the Problem. Ray Charles can see why Perry is able to do what he is doing. Especially when he sent in a General to TSU.

History is bound to repeat itself. Remember what happened at Prairie View A&M when Texas A&M sent in a NIGGA General. PV Ain't been the same. So we know why Perry sent in this General, Bill King, and Carin Barth. TO DESTROY TSU FROM THE INSIDE!

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