Thursday, August 17, 2006

Learn To Read...............or else you will be like him

Call Of Da Wild wants to know why a Nigga Like Bobby Wilson has been around all these years? I remember coming to TSU in the late 80's and meeting his Country ass (Ain't he country?). Call Of Da Wild was shocked to learn that this MoFo don't know how to read or talk either. I remember getting memo after memo about Procurement Cards and look at this nigga here. Now some of his stuff could be justified, but it could also be scrutnized too (Procurement Card Rules). I get tired of them always jumping on me for Bullshit, but not doing anything to Country Muthfuckas like Wilson. Follow the rules Dummy! Please note the science stuff that he bought is not on the list of allowable purchases, especially consulting fee's.

TSU Procurement Card: Bobby Limpnoodle Wilson
Southern Importers - $520.85
Office Depot - $211.48
Kinko's - $65.31
Kinko's - $200.40
Fisher Science - $81.15
Entech Instruments - $283.25
Kroger - $86.94
Wal Mart - $74.71
Enviromental Consulting - $510.00
Drexler's World Famous BBQ - $137.98
Tri Gas - $272.43

Grand Total - $2,444.50


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are Wilson and Paige cousins? They talk alike.

9:10 AM  

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