Tuesday, March 13, 2007

(Not Meeting Payroll) ¬°Usted Negros de asno negros ha jodido la escuela tan nosotros no ser pagado!, Woods starts to talk vows to tell more

Call Of Da Wild is saddened to report that this may have been our last paycheck for the year. Rumor has it that the General had no clue or Leadership in doing what he was sent to do. The state in return will not be bailing the University out of this shortfall. The title speaks for itself, so if you don't know spanish get someone who does to translate for you. This is so sickening that CODW is at a loss for words! The only other option the state has now is: A) Shut the School down and B) Shut the School Down. CODW is encouraging its fellow employees to again start turning in these crooked ass niggas. If they not gonna pay us, they ain't gonna get paid.

Call Of Da Wild also received word that the new School of Public Affairs will not be opened on schedule. The reason? According to former Dean Don Anthony Woods, Dr. Wilson and a few other people spent the OCR money on things other than the building. CODW had a chance to speak with the former Dean and he assured us that Wilson knew what was going on and that alot of those things happened before he was Dean. He also had some pretty hard feelings toward the current Dean whom he feels beat him out of the job. Woods shared this with CODW and CODW really feels bad for the former Dean. CODW assured him that CODW is a place for him to TELL ALL as soon as he is ready. He said that he would think about taking up that offer.

CODW also hears that Gayla had something to do with the OCR money. Woods informed CODW that it was supposed to be a joint deal with her coming to teach in Public Affairs and them protecting his job. Instead the total opposite happened. He has currently started to dialog with the General and has not informed CODW on what his dialog has been about but has assured CODW that it will only get worse in Public Affairs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just can't take any more! This damn school goes from bad, to worse, to shit. It's an ugly train wreck that you hate to see, but just can't help but watch.

I personally don't believe that there is anything that can or will be done to keep the university open. The moment they started talking about the rail running down Richmond is the moment folks should have grabbed a box and started packing. Black people, you can't win this one!

TSU has long served it's purpose. It has gone from being the place for those who needed an opportunity to being the place for people to have an opportunity to f*ck sh*t up! How long can we ride on the BBJ and Mickey graduated from there? As janet put it, what have you done for me lately? Have you seen the crack babies, ex-cons,and gang members TSU is letting through those open (revolving) doors. And this isn't about the students. it's about those Negroes that have used TSU as their get-rich quick opportunity and have sucked that school dry.

The corruption has been there forever. The question is not how long, but when was it not? We have proved that Niggahs just can't get it right.

I'm feeling like Larry (before he was Lawrence) Fishborne in School Daze. I want to stand my as in the middle of the yard at 12 noon and scream at the top of my lungs "WAKE---UP!!!!"

9:00 AM  

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