Sunday, March 11, 2007

TSU Set to Go Under Receivership Soon, Boddie wants to stay

Call Of Da Wild received from reliable sources that the University is set to go under Receivership. It is rumored that Regent King had alot to do with this move. He has been spending alot of time in Austin with Gov. Perry's people when not campaigning for Mayor of Houston. Rumor also has it that Regent Harry E. Johnson will be stepping down from the Board of Regents pretty soon.

Call Of Da Wild was very excited to have lunch with General Boddie last week and he indicated to CODW that he was thinking about taking the permanent job as President. Is it CODW or does it look like J. Timothy is running a brothel with Sweet Pu**y Charlene as the Head Ho or shall we say "Madame"? Lets hope his Ignorant Ass thinks twice about taking the job. CODW is hearing rumors coming from the second floor that J. Timothy has been getting a "taste" of that thang from Charlene. CODW is not sure if it is true, but from her reputation CODW wouldn't be suprised if that "Monkey" ain't on his back......among other places. CODW was able to catch up with the new Dynamic Duo and it looked like the relationship went beyond the workplace. (See Picture) Looks like General Boddie took the advice his staff gave him a couple of weeks ago literally. Their advice to him was to "Eat Out More Often". This also comes as there is rumor that the General will replace Bobby as provost and install "Sweet Pu**y Charlene" as the Provost.

This is very strange that this would happen before the search committee made a decision on who the President will be. CODW knew these fucked up ass niggas including the Board of Regents would let the school be put under a system by the only white Regent and a couple of Unlce Tom Ass Niggas on the Blue Ribbon panel. CODW guesses that when you buy one you've bought them all. CODW also wonders why the "Chairman" of the Board has been mum? She sent out a Bullshit Letter that really didn't say anything in it other than that, she really isn't doing anything. CODW never expected the woman who sold Dr. Priscilla Slade out to do much of anything.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This time you may be right,but I think you are wrong about Dr. Evans.
Sine those other folks hate her,she must be doing something right.
I hope you will continue to provide TRUE statements.

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask yourself what was the REAL reason that the Chairperson turned Slade in.
Why do you think it is only men on the downlow.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do not be a fool, Charlene has won the best actress award for many years. She is only for herself and those dumb ass sons of hers. Charlene is putting a lot out on both fronts. Naglia Nagee in Student Services is another who is tasting that sweet potatoe.

1:16 AM  

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