Thursday, March 15, 2007

Carin Barth set to pick New Leadership at TSU

Call Of Da Wild just received a phone call from a former Board member who spoke on conditions of anonymity. The Governor's office apparently tipped off Regent Harry Johnson and told him to leave before the shit hit the fan! What CODW heard was unthinkable and sickening!!!! Carin Barth who is currently making $250,000 and her other buddie from Texas A&M is making $180,000 and we wonder why we are in a shortfall. Carin Barth has come up with a list of potential Board Members who don't even look like any of us on this campus!!! The rumor has it that the Blueribbon Commission is going to ask that ALL of the Regents resign so that Carin Barth can replace them with ALL of her people.

Carin Barth has been plotting to bring back to the University Alphonso Jackson. This is the same Alphonso Jackson who did nothing but create havoc at our University. Can any of you remember the times when Alphonso would come to University functions drunk as a New York skunk? Can anybody remember the Recreation Center that his friend built with the Fake Bond? He is just as guilty as anyone else in this whole melee! Rumor has it that he is also under investigation for his part in the Recreation Center and who knows what would happen if he came back? Carin Barth used to work for Alphonso Jackson at HUD so CODW now knows what is goings on.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How're about all those new faculties Bobby Wilson hired. They all got big pay and never fulfill what they promised. Wilson should be fired and go to jail!

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How are we to get new leadership when we can't even get rid of the sorry ones. I have a Human Resource background and this is ridiculous. Let look around at the money issues. Athletics is over budget. How many of the coaches have masters and can teach. If the numbers are low, then we need people with Master degrees so that their salaries can be split. This saves money. Let keep looking. The Athletic director is supposed to bring in money, not spend it. What is he doing except trying to get games with UH that we all know will get our team hurt. He had the opportunity to get Cynthia Cooper and turned that one down because she has children. That would have been free publicity and marketing for the school and look where Prairie View is going. I congratulate her. This was a bad move on the AD. His excuse, according to the Chronicle, was that she might not be able to travel because she has children. Hello, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Why would you say something like that? This is just one example of many.

TSU needs an over haul, but you can't expect to clean house with dirty laundry. We need to clean before we bring in new furniture.

I love TSU, but I can't sit by and not get onto my school. The Lord gets onto the those He loves, so I must get onto TSU.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just heard that Jason Parker will be on the new board as well as Sec. Jackson of HUD. Remember all three of them are very close and Carin Barth and Jason Parker use to work at HUD for Sec. Jaskson at one point. Moreover, Jason Parker is an Event Exe. at Moet Hennessy USA in New York City.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got word as well that Mr. Jason Parker will be on the New Board. They say he has given back to the school over $125,000. I believe he Graduated May 2006.

2:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what is up with shutting down the parking garages? This came about Friday night. Ok so Integrity and TSU are crossways -- so what? Why punish the students, yet again, for the inept management at TSU (or Integrity if the shoe fits)?

There needs to be a very LOUD and collective SCREAM from the students and faculty about this one. If they can't manage it at a profit then the reasonable thing to do would be to just open it up for free parking.

With this closure the students will once again be on the streets (literally) and the neighbors around the campus will also suffer. So TSU isn't only a bad place for students to attend school to attempt to get an education but it is also being a bad neighbor with the increased traffic that this will cause.

Can't anyone put some pressure on the university to straighten up?

3:42 PM  

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