Thursday, July 27, 2006

A shame and disgrace at TSU

Call of Da Wild understands that there will be major layoffs at Texas Southern University. On Friday July 28, 2006 before 10 am, TSU will be handing out termination letters to staff members. It is disheartening to see that many of the Top Level administrators from Slade's administration are keeping their high salaries. The Red Bandana Mammy, Gayla Thomas should be ashamed of herself and Bobby too.

This is a clarion call to many of you still employed to turn in all information of any wrongdoing on these Senior Level Administrators. The university would be a better place if people like Gayla Thomas & Bobby Wilson were gone. Ask Gayla did they lay her husband off who holds a duplicate title along with another woman? Gayla, repay the University for all of those times you used the State Procurement Card to go on trips and re-imbursed yourself as though you paid for it with your own money or when you went to Goode Company BBQ on the Procurement cards with yo Fat Skunky Ass. Eating is the last thing yo Dry head ass needs to be doing. Lets look at Jew Don Boney with his Jighead Ass and see what the Cost Benefit Analysis is for keeping him. Can we say that this is a waste of $95,000 without a Degree? Jew Don you are a "Freedom Fighter" how come your not rallying and speaking up for the little people. You are just another Tom Ass Nigga!

The people that need to go are still there and it is ashamed! These people (Administrators) are nothing but modern day Tom Nigga (Bobby Wilson)! Gayla, you are nothing but a Red Bandana Mammy! In order to make up for the budget cuts tell your daughter to repay that money and get rid of those people in your shop with made up positions. Take back those un-necessary raises you gave the "Looney Tune: $15,000" and the "Other Gull: $20,000" in those made up positions. Looney Tune (M.Demaris) you should verify who is posting info because the person you think is isn't. Your days are numbered and the chances of you joining Andrea Yates in the Nut House is becoming very apparent.

Bobby you should just leave TSU altogether with your ignorant ass self. WE don't need someone at the head of this university who can't speak proper or correct English. I hear the Mississippi Delta calling you back home. Bobby does Mary know that you and M. Tolbert have a thiiiiinnnngggg goingggg onnnnnn?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They need to fire them lazy rude ass women over in the bell building. they are the reason I dont wanna give money back to TSU as an alum. STRAIGHT UP!

3:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who ever wrote that last comment is STUPID! Your ass dont give back because you dont have the means. If you were a real alum and cared about your school then you would not let them hoes in the bell building dictate your support. I am tired of all you HOUSE NIGGAS! Stop sucking on the masters dick and come out in the field and get down with the real causes. Whoever is writting this blog is a fuckin coward and another example of a scared always sucking on the master house nigga. If you knew this was really going on and only did a fuckin blog then you are just as guilty as them. You motherfuckers are the accessories to these crimes. So guess what i hope you join then in the TDCJ Bitches!!!!!!!!!!

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ANd the same goes for yo Stupid ass. If you a field nigga, we see why you don't see this shit going on. I work on campus and see this shit everyday and I'm glad they caught they thieving asses. You must have sucked one of them niggas dicks cause it seems like they left you with a bad taste in yo No-Spelling ass Mouth. Nigga I hope they keep posting shit on here and I hope they post something on Yo Big Bowl Head ass!

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they fired yo dum ass huh?

12:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:56 AM  
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