Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Not so Fantastic Four

We understand that on August 1, 2006 Scilla and Co. will be indicted. On the list to be indicted are former CFO Quintin Wiggins, Gayla "GG" Thomas, Bruce Wilson, and Priscilla D. Slade. We wonder why Gayla is in the mix? It is on good faith that her daughter was put on the payroll by Bruce Wilson. So Gayla yous'a damn lie to say Tasha wasn't on the payroll. Maybe someone found out that Gayla has made up a position in her office for the "bi-polar" woman (Demeris) who really looks like she is pregnant. Looks like someone has one foot in the jailhouse and the other one on a banana peel. For everyone trying to figure out what "GG" means it is Greedy Gayla. We miss you "Scilla", we hope Harris County treats you nice..........NOT!


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